Rounded Nut Grabber Complete Assembly


The Rounded Nut Grabber is for operating valves that have deteriorated or for rounded operating nuts that a standard gate wrench will no longer open. The process of repairing or removing valves in this condition is costly and time consuming. The R.N.G. Socket is made of heavy cast steel for strength and durability and will easily turn a compromised valve operating nut. This socket works on the “flats and rounds” principle. The socket fits over the 2″ nut, grabbing the flat sides of the nut with the protruding rounds when rotated. The rounds will grab before the rotation can go past the corners. This unique tool is designed with a heavy-wall thickness to provide strength and torque capability when dealing with valves that are difficult to turn. The stem is designed to fit firmly into a standard gate valve shaft for pinning or can be supplied complete with a T-handle wrench to your desired length. Each Rounded Nut Grabber is supplied with a template for drilling a hole in a gate wrench in the proper location.

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