Rounded Nut Grabber Template


The Rounded Nut Grabber comes to the rescue when a gate valve’s operating nut is rounded and won’t budge with a standard gate wrench. Make the most of the unique grabber tool with this template. Use the template to correctly place and drill a hole in a standard gate valve shaft, insert the grabber stem into the shaft, securely pin in place – and get back to work quickly.

The set includes: Rounded Nut Grabber Template.

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A rounded operating nut can create a major hassle. Save time and frustration with the Rounded Nut Grabber, and make sure it’s properly installed with this template. When using the RNG with a standard gate shaft, use the template to ensure you’re drilling a hole in the right place for securing the RNG’s stem. Once the hole is drilled, insert the grabber’s stem into the shaft, pin it securely in place, and you’ll be ready to get back to work quickly. The template comes with each grabber purchase but extras can be purchased separately.

The set includes: Rounded Nut Grabber Template.


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