REDI-Jack Pipe Supports

Red Hed provides unique pipe supports perfect for supporting large water meters and backflow devices. The Redi-Jack Pipe Support, unlike other designs, features a one-piece support plate and a support tube that can be cut to size in the field. Both the support plate and the base plate are drilled so that the stand can be securely anchored. Red Hed’s quality construction, including black rustproof paint, assures long-lasting service.

Available in a wide range of sizes from 2″ to 24″

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Red Hed pipe supports come in a wide range of sizes. Some are fully stocked with us and some are Made to Order. If you need to support large meters and backflow devices Red Hed’s REDI-Jack Pipe Supports are your solution!

From the manufacture of the very first valve, through 1970 when the company was first sold, each valve was hand wrapped in brown mill paper and boxed in wood packing boxes for shipment. Each handmade valve was assembled and tested before ever leaving the production floor. To distinguish itself from its competitors’ the head of each valve was painted red, thus the name Red Hed Manufacturing. To this day Red Hed continues the tradition started in 1921 of manufacturing the finest brass waterworks valves and components in our industry.

Henry Lawton (owner of Lawton Manufacturing) purchased Red Hed in 1970 and it was merged with his company. He moved Red Hed from Boston to its current location in Rhode Island where the company continued to fabricate Red Hed brass waterworks valves in the same manner as its predecessors. Henry focused his efforts on the Red Hed product line and over the next few decades the company became known for its innovative designs and quality craftsmanship.

Red Hed’s reputation for the best brass valve in the industry remains intact. The spirit of past owners, engineers, and machinists who took great pride in their work, is proudly continued by our strong work ethic and integrity: “It doesn’t leave the plant until it is 100%.” Red Hed has adapted, evolved and met the challenges of the various generations. We look forward to the next 90 years being just as challenging and rewarding as the first 90 years. Please feel free to reach out to our sales staff today to outfit yourself with all your Brass, Adaptation, and Downsizing needs today!


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  • Support plate: Cast ductile iron ASTM A-536
  • Adjustment nut: 1” – 8” finish nut plated ANSI-ASME B-18-2-2
  • Adjustment stud: 1” rolled threads steel plated ASTM A-307
  • Main support tube: Steel pipe, schedule 40 ASTM A-53
  • Base plate: Hot rolled ¼” steel ASTM A-36
  • One-piece support plate
  • Comes as a complete assembly
  • Provided with a rustproof finish
  • Support plate available in 2” – 24” sizes
  • Standard 3’ height; other sizes available