Essential Waterworks Tools

Essential Waterworks Tools

Don’t Forget to Call Your Sales Representative for Special Pricing

Don’t Forget to Call Your Sales Representative for Special Pricing

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New Concept Tools are designed and built by people with decades of experience in various utility fields. All of our products are time-tested and field-tested and stand up to the toughest jobs. We are constantly adding new tools to our line and improving established products based on the comments we receive from our users. Take a look at our “Essential Waterworks Tools” that we think everyone should have! Scroll down to learn why these tools are the best in the business and why you need them on your job site.

Service Line Puller Kit

With a backhoe and the Service Line Puller Kit, you can remove old and failing service lines and replace them with new tubing with minimal digging, less property damage, reduced downtime, and less expense than digging the entire service and replacing it.

Don’t Forget to Call Your Sales Representative for Special Pricing

Service & Valve Box Cleaners

Long handles & ergonomic hand grips reduce fatigue. Features: Twice the holding power of competitors’ cleaners, Powder coated for corrosion resistance, Rubber coated handles for better grip, Interchangeable spoons, All welded construction.

Rounded Nut Grabbber

The Rounded Nut Grabber is for operating valves that have deteriorated or for rounded operating nuts that a standard gate wrench will no longer open. The process of repairing or removing valves in this condition is costly and time-consuming. 

All-In-One Combo Key

The Combo Key set combines six (6) waterworks service and valve box keys and wrenches into one lightweight assembly (approx. 23 lbs.). Its compact design makes it easy to store. The gate valve wrench and curb box key utilize a 4 ft. to 7 ft. telescoping shaft. All components slide together and lock in place with locking pins.

Valve Setter

New 2-piece design makes the Valve Setter stronger and easier to use. The Valve Setter improves safety and simplifies the lowering of 4″ to 12″ gate valves with 2″ operating nut into the trench.

Don’t Forget to Call Your Sales Representative for Special Pricing

Steel Ratchet Gate Wrench

The new Ratchet Gate Wrench Handle makes operating a gate valve much easier. No more pushing and pulling a solid handle around and around. The gate wrench handle can be purchased separately or with standard 6 ft. gate wrench extension.

Hydrant Setter with Spreader Bar

The hydrant setter greatly eases the installation of hydrants which can weigh as much as a half-ton. The lifting rings, which are held in proper alignment by the spreader bar, fit over the 2 ½” hose nozzles and are locked in place by the hose nozzle caps.

armco blue screw

Armco Blue Screws

The Blue Screw is the best manual valve box cleaner on the market—make it your go-to tool! This durable‚ lightweight powder-coated steel cleaner easily removes large amounts of dirt in just minutes. It has two blade-mounted neodymium magnets that make it easy to remove metal debris such as valve box lid pieces.

Don’t Forget to Call Your Sales Representative for Special Pricing

Adjustable Hydrant Wrench

This hydrant wrench is adjustable to fit up to 1 ¾” pentagon operating nuts and pumper or steamer caps. It also fits pin and rocker lug hose couplings with its double spanner. Now with rubber-coated handle for a better grip. Zinc plated for corrosion protection.