High Security Service Box Extractor


The bronze Locking Device is placed on the service valve which prevents operation of the valve using a standard service box wrench. Because it’s made of non-magnetic bronze, it can not be removed using a magnet. To operate the service valve or to remove the locking device place the Extractor Tool down the service box and inset it into the Locking Device until the spring pin snaps into the spring pin hole.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 4 × 1 in

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    Joan Wells (verified owner)

    I live in a HOA community with shared water and currently there is no way to shut the individual valves off to each home and lock them. I saw this locking device and the extractor tool and thought this might be exactly what our community is looking for. It arrived today and although the concept is spot on and very clever, we are a little concerned about how to get the locking device down four feet into the small pipe and ensure that it goes straight up directly over the shut off valve. The extractor may work great for removing it, but if the lock is not placed in the right position to begin with, the extractor may not be able to go into the top of the lock to allow it to be twisted, lock in place and then be extracted.

    If it became dislodged, we would have the locking device down 4 feet that would likely require the valve to be dug up to retrieve it and because it is made of non-metallic metal there would be no way to retrieve it using a magnet, which is the very reason why the lock is made that way. We don’t want the homeowner to be able to remove it, but we need to be able to.

    I scored low because I am just not sure it would work properly. I would like to know from the designer, what they thought the process would look like to ensure that the lock is dropped down the pipe in the correct position? There were no instructions with the lock, nor the extractor. Although, the lock and the extractor are self explanatory, I am not comfortable placing this down 4 feet to try it out. If the extractor tool, could also place the lock, then had some kind of release on the handle, so the lock would stay in place, then it might just work. However, the only way to release it now, is to twist it by hand, which tends to engage the spring loaded pop out that allows it to lock and pull up the lock.
    Is there is also another tool that I missed seeing that can be used to place the lock.
    I really wish this was the answer our community was looking for, but some design adjustments may be needed. Thanks

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